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Why we want babies

Why Do People Want Kids

Why couples want to have baby/babies. There are many reasons for and against having children. Let me try to analyze it as now I am a grandfather. First I will express why I and my wife wanted to have babies.
I was reading a blog from where they have given ten reasons to have children.
The reason may be to create the family or for family names to carry on or other reasons. My wife who was doctorate (expired in 2013) has none of these reasons expressed in this blog. Neither I could find my logic in this blog.

I don't want kid

I am MS in physics and was never interested in having kids. I always thought my love with my wife will come down as she has to share her love/time/emotions with my kids and I will be a loss. The second reason was that I can not afford the additional expenses. I wanted to be my own and was afraid of overcome by their personality and standards of their education. I wanted to maintain my supremacy.

My wife wanted Kids

Now when I read reasons for having kids from this blog I don’t find her reasons here. She was a scholarly woman who always thought out of the box. She just wanted to feel the feeling of getting pregnant and how it will conclude on becoming a mother.No reason to create a family, continue family values, give and receive unconditional love. It was her own interest in feelings. I think it was a biological urge, the time that comes in every woman’s life when an uncontrollable “urge” comes over her and she feels a calling from deep within to become a mother.

We have Kids

Her urge landed us to have a baby. Once the baby was here life became more challenging as we both were working. But it became very interesting. It started adding more love between us as we had more interaction, more responsibilities. A situation has come out where “To Give and Receive Unconditional Love” mentioned by wehavekids
Other reasons given in this blog started falling in line. Like: To Give Your Children the Chance to Enjoy Existence” To Give Meaning to Their Life” To Create and Mold a Life”
I agree with their five points. However, every couple may have different reasons. But I accept that one should have babies as it helps in growing and when you are old, like me, you have grandchildren to live and enjoy life.

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