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Reviews, condition people by 84%

When ever we buy something we check all reviews, compare and decide. Online reviews are not lost in the internet world.Around 84% trust online reviews.They consider these reviews as recommendations and buy. How important are customer reviews to shoppers.90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.72% say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. A study conducted by INVESPCRO
  “Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.”says Drake,a Canadian Musician

Diapers Review

"When you become a parent, you start loving diapers."--Chance The Rapper

Honest disposable baby diapers

The Honest Company is an American consumer goods company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, that emphasizes household products to supply the marketplace for ethical consumerism. Company founder Jessica Alba was inspired by the 2008 birth of her first child Honor and her own history of childhood illnesses to create a company that provided an alternative to the prevalent baby products with ingredients such as petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances.

I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.


Are Jessica Alba’s Trendy Diapers Really are the best. Honest diapers carry a hefty price tag. Let us examine the reviews and ranking given by top websites appearing on the top pages of Google when we searched with keywords “best diapers company”

An exhaustive Tests conducted by BabyGearLab, a pediatrician-run baby gear review and comparison site, suggest that Honest diapers don’t work nearly as well as other diapers do. They have given a rating of 46/100, at 19th place from the top stating that they are Poor performing, an expensive option with nods to the environment and health. According to their survey, Kirkland Signature Supremes got 58/100 and placed at 7th place with the number one ranking diaper Nature Babycare scoring 74/100

Reviews of Honest Diapers by other bloggers has ranked honest diapers at 7th place out of a survey of 15 Best Disposable Diaper Brands. The stated positive features of Honest Baby Diapers, according to their survey, are-
“Eco-friendly diapers made from natural materials that are biodegradable.
The absorbent core of the diaper is made from plant pulp derived from sustainable forests.
Uses corn and wheat starch inside the core of the diaper for absorbency.
Side tabs are refastenable making it easy to put on and adjust.
Hypoallergenic and free of substances such as chlorine, latex, and dyes.
Natural plant-based fragrance.”

Honest diapers as Natural choice diapers at the 2nd place out of a survey of 5 best disposable diapers, stating following reasons-
“Made with plant-derived materials and sustainably harvested pulp, these diapers are easier on the earth and skip traditional chlorine processing and perfumes. The bonus? They come in a bunch of adorable designs”

They have given list of 10 best disposable diapers and honest diapers are at 10th place with following remarks-
“Diapers from The Honest Company are pricey, but they are so adorable with their wide variety of colorful patterns that it’s hard not to splurge once in a while. Right now, there are 32 patterns to choose from, including panda faces, bacon and eggs, rainbow feathers, and trains. There’s a classic, crisp clean white version, too. (New styles debut each season.) Plus, they’re chlorine-, latex-, and lotion-free; hypoallergenic, and made with sustainable materials. While they aren’t 100 percent free of fragrance, they do contain naturally-derived citrus-y odor blockers.”  has placed The Honest Company Overnight Diapers
at 18th place with comments
“If your baby keeps waking up in the morning with wet pajamas, it’s time to switch to an overnight diaper for those longer sleep stretches. Honest’s overnight diapers feature an ultra-thin core that’s 20 percent more absorbent than regular diapers, helping keep your baby dry and comfortable all night long. Sweet dreams!  has placed honest diapers as the top best diapers of 2018, placing Kirkland Signature Supreme on second place.
Their survey states following features of Honest Diapers, for placing at the top-
“The Honest Company made diapering hip again — and they’ve gotten well-deserved recognition for leading the charge in eco-friendly baby gear. The company’s earth-friendly (and baby-friendly) manufacturing practices are notable — no other company articulated the origin and exact makeup of its diapers, as well as The Honest Company, did. Oh, and the cute diaper designs and the close fit perfect for smaller babies shouldn’t be overshadowed.”

The essentials of a Diaper

All diapers are made scientifically for the comfort and benefit of the newborn baby. It is only a question of choice, preference, performance, and budget. The diaper is a children’s product and is covered under children’s product Certificate (CPC) under the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
The choice of baby diaper depends on the following factors-
1. They absorb liquid faster.
2.Protection from leaks
3.Fast drier
4.Skin sensitivity of Baby
5.chlorine free
6.Minimum carbon footprints
7.Strong taps to hold
8.Countered fit
9.Double elastic sealing around the waist & legs but comfy
10.Combination of performance and value

Once you have decided on a particular brand, buy a small quantity and try them on the baby. If the baby is comfortable, no rashes (skin sensitivity), the fragrance of diapers, if any, not hurting the baby, buy in largest boxes in order to benefit from best value. Try to buy diapers which are made of “biodegradable materials,” and “chlorine-free processing.

Start potty training at two years instead of three years. This will save you from one year’s diaper consumption and is eco-friendly.

Another tested and tried Asian method of “Elimination Communication” is being reviewed and is picking up in America. This is the “diaper free baby movement ” wherein mother understands the timings and signals of the baby when there is the bowel movement.

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