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Baby Toys

“What occurs during the first five years of life can have an enormous impact on not only how well the baby’s brain develops at the moment, but how well that baby learns and grows throughout their lifetime.” - associate professor Christopher Lucas of The NYU School of Medicine

Baby of age--3 to 6 Months

Babies at the ages of 3 – 6 months are all about discovery. Newborns are sleepy at first. But as they grow it is noticed, they are more awake and alert for longer periods of time that too at different times of the day.At this age, the little one can move his head and begin to reach out for objects by rolling and wriggling. He learns through touching and tasting objects. He can sit up with some support or by balancing with his hands.

Growing Babies

Growing babies love to play and explore. He wants to move! Baby is inquisitive. when the baby is 3 to 6 months, he/she is all about discovering how things work.Baby is ready to play with toys, taste them, smell them.Baby will not like that toys are taken away from him.He/she will show his protest by way of his cries, shaking body, if they are taken away. Therefore, this is the best time to introduce him to toys.Pick toys that stimulate and nurture baby’s imagination, This will promote his/her overall development. Since the play is so important, choosing the right toys for baby may require more attention.Color, shape, size and material of toys matter most.


Babies are tiny humans with likes, dislikes, and preferences, Parents should observe the best times of baby when they are most active.! Look for these times in baby’s schedule and keep a basket of fun toys nearby for some playful opportunities. Offer your baby a variety of toys to play with and see how they react. It won’t be long before you know which ones are their favorites. Toys that are the most popular for young babies at this age are toys that appeal or stimulate their senses through sound, touch, taste, and hearing. Babies love to see bright primary colors like red, blue, or yellow. Toys with high contrasts and simple designs are the best toys.


Gender preferences for toys

“Historically, there has been uncertainty about the origins of boys’ and girls’ preferences for toys typed to their own sex and the developmental processes that underlie this behavior,” says Brenda Todd, one of the study authors and a senior psychology lecturer at City University London

. “We set out to find out whether a preference occurs and at what age it develops.” They found this apply for babies more than 9 months. The study authors speculate that perhaps infants know implicitly whether they are boys or girls from a very young age (even before nine months), but they don’t have the communication skills to tell us that—or to crawl or walk toward a toy typically assigned to their gender.As such I think there is no need of gender distinction of toys for babies of age group 3 to 6 months. Children as young as 9 months-old prefer to play with toys specific to their own gender as mentioned above as per the study.

Gender preferences for toys only show up after children learn about their gender. Babies show no preference,  says Christia Spears Brown, an associate professor at the University of Kentucky.

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Baby Toys

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