Apgar Score New Born Baby

Why APGAR score is important

The Apgar score is a test given to newborns soon after birth. This test checks a baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, and other signs to see if extra medical care or emergency care is needed.Although the Apgar score was developed in 1952 by an anesthesiologist named Virginia Apgar, you also might hear it referred to as an acronym for: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration.

physical condition of a newborn infant

Apgar score is a measure of the physical condition of a newborn infant. It is obtained by adding points (2, 1, or 0)  for 5 test which are

1.Appearance (skin color)
2.Pulse (heart rate)
3.Grimace response (reflexes)
4.Activity (muscle tone)
5.Respiration (breathing rate and effort)

The score is between 0 (Min) and 10 (Max). The score of ten represents the best possible condition for healthy BABY

The test is usually given twice: by Doctor/Nurse/Midwife, once at 1 minute after birth, and again at 5 minutes after birth. Sometimes, if there are concerns about the baby’s condition, the test may be given again. The test is so quick, one will hardly know if it has been conducted

 APGAR Factors           Observation                   Max Score
Appearance-Normal Color all over & pink feet and hands   2
Pulse——Normal, Above 100 beats per minute                      2
Reflexes—-Pulls away,Cry with simulation                             2
Activity—–Active,Spontaneous Response                                 2
Respiration–Normal Rate,Good Cry                                              2

A score above 7 is considered as good health.The slightly low score is observed in newborns in first one minute check.

At second check if the score does not improve over the very low score of one minute check, Doctors will continue with necessary medical care.If the score is low doctors will explain the reason for that and will take care of medical treatments.

This test is not to predict baby’s long-term health.It is for the health check of newborn and to take immediate steps if required.Please do not conclude anything from this information. 

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