Make Diapering Easy

When it comes to diapering your new baby boy/girl you have many different options and I will help you make the best choice no need to feel scared of a messes you're gonna be dealing with. There are are plenty of different types of diapers/brands and sizes you have to choose from and you will want to be knowledgeable in before your little one arrives.
If your baby is wearing the wrong size diaper you may have to deal with unconstrained messes or even a diaper rash. There are also many wipes, different rash treatment, and even different ways to dispose your baby's diapers along with accessories to make changing your little one more convenient for you which can be a big help. These are all things you will want to do research on to be ready for when the big day comes and it will also prepare you for the many messes that come along with it.

What type of diapers should I use?

disposable vs clothSome new parents may be stuck choosing between disposable and cloth diapers and even the brands of each type. Depending on the weight of your baby when they are first born you may be stuck even deciding what size fits your baby best. This information will help you choose whats best for your child and remember that all diapers benefit in different ways and it's important to pay attention to your little ones comfort.

Are disposable diapers for me?

Did you know some scented diapers have toxins used to produce product? Knowledge is key when becoming a parent for the 1st time. When your baby uses the restroom it's a stinky smelly mess and you just want to hurry up and get them changed into a new fresh diaper. Disposable diapers are best to use when you're in a hurry and want to keep it as clean as possible.


Are cloth diapers for me?

Cloth diapers can be beneficial for baby and parents think about all the money you'll save mom and dad that means more toys for little one! Another thing is no worries about diaper rash and better comfort for your baby. When it comes to the cloth diaper one thing you're gonna want to make sure to do is wash your babies diaper properly and right after urination and pooping or you will be dealing more with smelliness.


What are the best baby wipes?

The kind of wipes and what ingredients they have may be a concern to new parents there will be no need to worry I will provide you with the best information on wipes possible. Some questions you may have might be Are there chemicals in wipes that can cause burning and irritation for my baby?, Are baby wipes gentle for babies' sensitive skin?, Are baby wipes safe to use on my baby's face and hands? These are all questions that can be answered in detail.



Are non scented wipes better for my baby?

When your baby goes to the restroom you're gonna want to use wipes that work well and clean them up right away not only that but you're probably concerned about the ingredients in them. With non scented wipes there is less funky ingredients to worry about and at the same time you're cleaning up that mess. The only thing that you might worry about after cleaning them up is the smell and depending on the brand of wipes you might still have worry about funky ingredients so when it comes to wipes always read the baggy or box and pay attention to the little ones reaction.

Will scented diapers benefit my baby?

Not only will you have something to clean up the mess in a hurry with but this will help your little one from smelling less like urine or poop which is amazing! Many baby wipes that are scented can be scary/risky to use they contain more of the funky ingredients which I've mentioned previously. Depending on the brand they can possibly be formulated with potentially hazardous chemicals. The key to determining whether a product poses a health risk is reading the box/bag where the ingredients is and deciding whether the use of a product results in high or repeat exposures to chemicals is a concern.

Are sensitive wipes good for my baby?

Infants tend to breathe more air and have more skin surface per pound of body weight than adults and because major organ systems are still developing after birth. This makes their skin very sensitive and that is where the sensitive wipes come in handy and can be very beneficial in the long run. The sensitive wipes tend to be less of a concern for toxic chemicals which can be a relief to new parents but you'll still want to be knowledgeable in what your using and pay attention to the little ones reaction after using them.

How do I treat my babies diaper rash?

Diaper rashes and how to treat them are a big concern to new parents you many have a never ending list of questions. Some of the questions you may have are How do I know my baby has a diaper rash?, What are different ways to treat my babies rash?, What ointment is best to treat my babies diaper rash?, How do I avoid a diaper rash?, How do I know a diaper rash is severe?, and What is contained in ointments? We will review different treatments including home remedies and different ointments also how to avoid diaper rashes and what is best for different babies sensitive skin.

Chafing or Rubbing (Diaper being too small)

Chafing is common, so it is good to know what to do to treat it. First of all, the affected skin should have access to fresh air. As soon as you notice it let the baby lie with a naked bottom for a while. Remember proper hygiene. The affected skin can also be disinfected with special delicate medication/creams for diaper rash.


Leaving a wet or dirty diaper on too long

This cause is probably the most common diaper rash irritation from contact with pee and poo in a diaper. Even the most absorbent diaper leaves some moisture on your baby's skin the reaction between pee and poo compressed together in a diaper can be very uncomfortable for babies delicate skin. Sitting in that diaper for too long does not help, you can treat the rash by more frequent diaper changes, gentle cleaning and using a barrier cream. Other ways is switching to sensitive baby wipes and even a good cleaning with soap and warm water good hygiene is always a good way to go to treat a diaper rash this way can help any cause.


What should I do if my baby has an allergic reaction to a certain type of diaper?

There are different allergies when comes to diaper rash it can be a plastic or latex allergy rather than typical diaper rash your first clue would be that typical diaper rash eventually heal. For example, your child may get the rash no matter how often you change his or her diaper. Your typical diaper rash occurs where the poop and urine touch most often and in high heat areas such as the creases between the genitals and legs. A rash that is caused by latex or plastic would possibly be on the waist line keep a look out for tiny rash bumps on areas of the skin that come in direct contact with surfaces such as the forearms or legs.

Whats the best way to dispose my babies diapers to avoid smell and germs?

When it comes to disposing diapers it depends on weather or not you've chosen to use disposable or cloth diapers. Concerns are of course the smell and you may wanna know the least smelly so that way your entire home does not smell like urine and poop. There are different styles and different options there are even specially made trash cans which are called diaper pails designed to completely eliminate the smell. There are many different brands I will inform you of and even different styles of disposing your babies diapers to eliminate the smell which I will inform you on as best as I can.




Are using the diaper pails best?

Which diaper pail offers the best odor control and protects you from getting too intimate with the contents within? Choosing a diaper pail might feel like one of the more boring items you will be purchasing before your little one arrives, but given its daily use and ability to affect the smell of your room, it won't be long before you realize it is probably one of the more important decisions in preparing for a baby. Odor issues are the top complaint when it comes to being a parent. These diaper pails come in handy if you decide to get one of these you will learn that when emptying these pails they really do seal in the smell and keep your babies nursery from smelling.


Is dumping feces in toilet before throwing in trash a good way to avoid smell and germs?

Another way to help control the smell of your home when having to change diapers daily is to dump the feces in the toilet before wrapping the diaper up and throwing it in the trash. It will also cut down on the amount of bacteria left over in the diaper when it comes time to dispose of it.


Whats the best way to change my babies diaper?

So for some parents a changing stations may be an accessory that isn't needed but for some it may be convenient and a big help and may make the parenting life easier and cleaner on them. There are changing tables and changing pads two different things that benefit in the same yet also different ways one question you may have is, Is it even necessary to have these things? Another may be how will it benefit me? These are both questions that you can be answered.





How will using a basic changing table (Dresser Changing Table) benefit me?

This kind of changing table benefits you in different ways when being a new parent. It will help you organize everything you need for changing in one place the dresser changing table has compartments where you can put diapers, wipes, rash treatment etc. Not only that but little ones tend to poop/pee when you change them and it is better they poop/pee on their changing table rather than your bed, floor, couch etc where ever you decide to change your little one it would be better on a changing table.

How will a pack n play changing table benefit me?

Pack n Plays are used typically for traveling when they come with a changing table it makes them for convenient right? If your little one takes a trip to grandma & grandpa's now they have a place to change them. It's better than on their furniture or carpet you don't need to worry about them making a mess and it's easier on mom and dad's back.


How is a changing pad beneficial?

When you go to visit a friend or even to just run errands it's important to think about where you might change your little one when they decide to go to the bathroom. This is where changing pads come in handy having these you don't need to worry about ruining someones furniture or you car seats. Not only that but you don't need to worry about your babies bottom coming in contact with any germs.